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Red Raw Asses spanked...

How much does it turn you on to see girls squirm as they are forced down and ass slapped until their cheeks are bright red?

I love it, love it! To see a bare bottom that is almost perfect to sight, go from pale to a flushed pink is fucking awesome! If the the girl has a sweet pussy that can be seen too, that's the icing on my cake. Mmmmmmm..

If she is on your lap, moaning or screaming and she squeezes your body on every smack, you know you're doing a good job. Then you can slightly run your finger tips on her tender bare bottom and let her feel the tingles of sensation that will push her towards an orgasm. Butt Spanking is erotic and arousing, I believe you enjoy it too!

I love nice slappable butts.. there are times when I'm walking down the street and I see a chick with an amazing ass and my first thought is to raise my big hand and give her a good whack!

I know that would cause some trouble, but hell... but hearing that "smack" and clasping onto her ass cheeks might be worth the quick run to get away. ;)

There aren't that many people that risk jail-time or physical harm to provide that type of assl smacking content, but maybe someday! lol Until that time comes I have a few kick ass slapping websites that keep me dick hard.. Check'em out and maybe they do a little something "squirt squirt" for you too!

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